$20 RAIZE Gift Card

$20 RAIZE Gift Card

FREE U.S. SHIPPING on orders $40+


How do subscriptions work?

When you create a RAIZE cookie subscription, you save up to 12% on all orders.

You can cancel your subscription at any time you want, and you will recieve a notification each time before your next order ships in case you would like to make any changes. Once you create a subscription, it is easy to change delivery frequency, swap products from one delivery to the next, skip a shipment, or get your next shipment sent right away if you're out of cookies!

Cookie subscribers will also recieve first access to trying new flavors, and don't be surprised if you get a freebie in your box every now and then!

What are the shipping details?

We take our fresh baking seriously! Give us 2 days to bake your cookies, and then we typically ship our orders Monday-Wednesday. You'll receive a confirmation email once your order has been receieved by us, and another once your order has shipped.In the warmer months, we automatically upgrade all shipping to 3 Day Select or faster in hot destinations.

During the cooler months, UPS Ground delivery timelines for the 48 contiguous United States:
1-3 Days: Mid-Atlantic/Northeast
2-4 Days: Midwest/Chicago
3-5 Days: Florida/Texas
4-6 Days: San Francisco/Los Angeles

UPS ground delivery (1-6 days) is free for orders of $40 or more to addresses throughout the 48 contiguous United States. In the warmer months, however, we automatically upgrade to UPS 3 Day Select shipping for orders to hot states. We also offer expedited shipping, plus shipping to Canada and other US territories through UPS for an additional charge based on your location.

How long will my cookies last after I receive them?

Since RAIZE cookies 🍪 🍪 are preservative-free, we recommend consuming them within two weeks of delivery if stored at room temperature. You can also store your cookies in the fridge for up to 2 months. Our founder Zach likes to eat his cookies from the fridge and his cookie sandwiches at room temp!

If you're planning to store them for longer than that, we recommend freezing your cookies for up to six months - allow to thaw at room temperature before consuming. RAIZE cookies stay fresh best when stored in an air-tight container.

How do you calculate net carbs, and why do net carbs matter?

Net carbs = total carbs – fiber – sugar alcohol (erythritol)

Now bear with us we get a little nerdy...

The purpose of calculating net carbs is to accurately assess the number of grams of carbohydrates that will affect your blood sugar and insulin levels after eating a food. This matters because high blood sugar and insulin spikes are associated with poor health outcomes.

Unlike other carbohydrates, fiber and certain sugar alcohols like erythritol do not have a negative effect on your blood sugar (in fact, they are shown to blunt blood sugar spikes when ingested with other carbohydrates), so they are not counted in the calculation of “net carbs.”

Everything we bake is


No Added Sugar


Low Carb (1-3g Net Carbs)




No Artificial Sweeteners or Preservatives






Certified Kosher