Our Story

How it all began

A few years ago, our founder Zach took an interest in the health and nutrition space. He wanted to learn how his diet was affecting both his ability to lose fat and his chances of maximizing his overall health goals of increasing longevity, lowering inflammation, boosting energy levels, and generally feeling great. As he started reviewing the science, it became clear that the key to a healthy diet is to eat less sugar and fewer refined, high-glycemic carbs. With that knowledge, he started following a low-carb and keto diet himself.


Finding healthy desserts without sacrificing taste

The problem? While Zach would follow his diet most of the time, he found himself “cheating” to indulge in his favorite food: dessert. Cutting dessert out for a healthy lifestyle was not a sustainable or enjoyable option for him, so he began his search for a delicious low-sugar, low-carb cookie. He found that the current dessert options were either filled with unhealthy preservatives or didn’t taste as good; the store-bought options could not compare to a freshly-baked dessert, and the very limited fresh-baked options didn’t scratch his itch for a real cookie!

Developing RAIZE Cookies

This experience led Zach to partner with a seasoned chef, RAIZE’s Chief Product Officer Jeff Yoskowitz, to create healthy cookies that you could confuse for the full-sugar option. With his background as the former Program Director/Lead Instructor for the Pastry and Baking Arts Department at the Institute of Culinary Education, Jeff employed his culinary knowledge to marry great taste with the latest health needs.

And RAIZE Cookies were born – desserts so good that you could confuse it for the real thing. Come enjoy dessert again, with RAIZE.


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