Shamrock Shake for St. Paddy's!

Looking for a healthier way to celebrate St. Paddy's Day this year? We've got you with this delicious low carb Shamrock Shake Recipe!


- 3 large scoops low carb vanilla ice cream
- 1/4 cup heavy cream
- 1/2 tsp. peppermint extract
- 5 drops green food coloring
- Whipped cream, for topping
- Low carb chocolate syrup
- 1 RAIZE cookie + crumbs, for topping


- Put the vanilla ice cream, heavy cream, peppermint extract, and food coloring in a blender
- Mix until completely smooth
- Line a milkshake glass with streaks of chocolate syrup
- Pour the milkshake from blender into a milkshake glass
- Top with whipped cream and a RAIZE cookie + crumbs before serving
- Enjoy!