Chocolate Chip Pecan & Coffee Cookie Sandwich Tiramisu

Tiramisu - i am baker

One of Italy's finest delicacies, tiramisu is an absolutely incredible dessert. However, between the ladyfingers and the sweet mascarpone filling, it's not exactly a health-conscious dessert. Substituting the ladyfingers for our delicious low-carb cookie sandwiches makes all the difference, both for flavor AND health!


2 boxes Chocolate Chip Pecan & Coffee Cookie Sandwiches, cold

1 cup mascarpone cheese, cold

2 cups heavy cream

4 tbsp powdered sweetener

2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

1 cup brewed coffee

1/4 cup cocoa powder



1. Whip the mascarpone cheese, heavy cream, vanilla, and powdered sweetener until stiff.

2. In a 9x9 baking pan, lay down a layer of cookie sandwiches dipped in coffee.

3. Alternate layers of cookie sandwiches and cream, with a later of cream on top.

4. Dust the top of the healthy tiramisu with cocoa powder.

5. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours to allow all flavors to set.

6. Remove from the fridge, cut, and serve!

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Tiramisu - i am baker